Saturday, February 8, 2014

Stop Telling Us We Can Do Anything with a PhD


Take a sample of undergrad neuroscience majors with similarly high GPAs and GREs such that they could all get into grad school.  Send half of them (Group A) to grad school, and let the other half (Group B) do whatever they want.  Five years later, put half of each group (Group A1, Group B1) into a research postdoc, and the other half (Group A2, Group B2) at a position with a consulting company.  Now assess their job performance one year after that.

My prediction? A1 >>> B1 ; A2 = B2

And that's why reading stuff like this is so frustrating:

Doing a PhD mostly prepares you for a career in academia.  Stop telling us we can do anything with a PhD if we could have done anything without one.