Wednesday, July 24, 2013

All Technology Should Maximize Laziness

I've never understood what the appeal for products like the Leap Motion Controller is.  Here's a little box, it has fancy cameras in it and detects your hands in space above it so that you can control applications with your fingers floating in mid-air.  Kinda nifty, I suppose.

But why would I want this?  I don't want to use a computer by holding my hands up in the air because then my arms are just going to get tired.  A proper user interface upgrade should strive to maximize the laziness of the user.

And why do people still fetishize the "Minority Report" interface?  Standing up to do computing?  Are you kidding me?

I think there is room in the computer peripherals space for UI improvements.  I've long dreamed of a mouse-glove-hybrid-thing that would let you use gestures on your mousepad and incorporate finger-tracking for tap to click and sensory feedback on click/tap and multitouch and not be sweaty and be open so that you could transition from using it to typing on the keyboard seamlessly.  Now THAT I would buy.  Waving my hands in the air is just gimmicky.

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