Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Behold, insight:

Biden’s purple tie is color mix of Obama’s (blue) and Boehner’s (red) - is this why he is the bipartisan deal closer?

Boehner stood up like once in the beginning, then did nothing except for when Obama mentioned raising the minimum wage, at which point his face was all "As if!" 

Obama a bit disingenuous to claim that reduction in illegal border crossings linked to his enhanced security when biggest factor is crap economy.  Same thing goes for reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (crap economy + natural gas boom) although I suppose he wasn't trying to take any credit for that.

Aha! Biden has Terminator eye  - this is how he gets the deals done!

Obama said "frequency and intensity" when talking about extreme weather!  Yay accuracy.   Although at this point not much reason left to keep scaring us shitless when we've got nothing left to poop.  Especially since the denialists on the far right are way too constipated for any warnings to matter anymore.

Pelosi mouthed “let’s see how many of them stand up for that” I think when obama was talking about getting them to pass violence against women act.  hahahaha.  Then shortly after a shot of repub. women gettin' their scowl on.

Rubio endorsing 4 trillion budget deficit reduction mark?  Oops!
Rubio can’t control his mouth.  (!!double entendre!!)

Rubio trying too hard, hasn't learned how to give a rehearsed speech and still sound like he means it.

“Exploration” = "C'mon, just the tip!" when it comes to oil and natural gas drilling.

“Because God gave it to us” is a gauzy bullshit reason to use a natural resource.  If you're into the whole God thing, then what do you think about the rainforests He gave us?  The oceans?  God gave us the Colorado and salmon runs in northern California but hey we figured we had better ways to use that shit.  We’re just muddling around on Earth doing our best to balance our needs and the planet's.  Leave God out of it.

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