Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Crazy Gun Owner Meme

Well the latest little ripple in the gun violence debate today on the NYTimes is a focus on some of the (supposedly) out-there elements of gun culture.  See Charles Blow, this article, and this one for the examples smattered within.  Is this who the debate is with?

I wonder how many people there are that genuinely think they need their weapon to protect themselves from the government, how many people really are out there packing their bags and cleaning their mags, how many people fantasize about having to defend their freedoms with armed revolution.  Is this like, 2% of the population?  10%?  25%?

Bottom line: how seriously do we take this element of society?  My instinct is that we don't ignore them, but we don't listen to them either.  Their minds are made up.

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