Saturday, January 12, 2013

Men vs Women on Gun Violence?

The gun rights crowd is predominantly male.  It's not surprising - boys like toys and as a male myself I can admit to understanding what the fascination with guns is.  They're powerful.  You can compare them to what your friends have.  You can be better than your friends at using them. You can tinker with them.  You can collect them.  They reinforce chest-puffy notions of self-reliance and control of one's environment.

Yet women in my experience are less seduced by these things than men (I think?), and I wonder why no one is talking about this aspect of the debate.  The Pew Poll taken immediately after the shooting in Newtown found that men tended to be on the "gun rights" side of things (51-41) while women were strongly on the "gun control" side of things (57-33).

I think it would be particularly interesting to hear some viewpoints from that 33%.  Are these women gun owners and users themselves, heading down to the range every Saturday?  Or are they mainly supporting what they see as a legitimate freedom for their husbands and sons to enjoy?  How many of the 57% are wives of husbands in the 51%?

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