Thursday, January 31, 2013

La Jolla Empiricism

Have you ever asked yourself, "I have no idea what to think about something. I wonder what the 1% would say about this?"

Then, Dear Reader, I am sorry that you do not receive the La Jolla Light, for it contains an editorial page - nay, a beacon - that ought guide you through these troubled times.

This week's selection, from one Barbara Decker:

Please tell other side of global warming tale
I don't claim to be any kind of scientist, however, I have followed the global warming claims for the past four-plus years and read dissenting articles.  There is usually only one side of the "crisis" ever presented.  Please offer another view.  After all, most of this will be paid for with the American taxpayers' dollars and there are billions at stake.  Money and greed have a way of changing facts - especially when you are on the receiving end.  Thank you.

Let this letter be an example for you.  Are you any kind of a scientist?  If not, consider asking your local newspaper to offer you another view of something.  That way, you might be offered a view you like.  If the newspaper refuses, consider turning to the Internet.  Initially, yes, it may offer you many sources of information that provide facts that you dislike.  But remember that when facts seem unlikeable it's because they've been changed by money and greed.  Steer clear of this information and continue your Yahoo search.  Eventually you will discover a blog written by a guy who signs posts with a copyright symbol.  This guy is Right.  And you will know it because you will feel it.

Your Truth is out there, Reader.  Will you find it?

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