Friday, January 25, 2013

Idea Friday: 2-second Micro Ads

I listen to Pandora as I walk to work and while I'm there, and as soon as an ad comes on, I turn the volume down to 0, then wait for a bit and turn the volume up by which time the music is back.  This means a lot of ads they send my way I never hear what's being advertised.  For instance, there's an ad that starts "Is your Internet, flabby, slow, and ..." and I always mute it before the sentence can be completed.  So I have no idea what the product is, despite having heard the intro maybe a hundred times.  Maybe I'm the only one anal enough to do this, but I doubt it.

So here's a free idea for you, Pandora.  My reaction time is only around 2 seconds.  Fortunately, that's still plenty of time to reach me.  Consider this as a potential script you could pitch to your clients:

current song ends, load ad...
ANNOUNCER: Buy Coca-Cola, because it's good!
next song plays

Alternatively, just


would work as well.

It doesn't take that long to make an impression!

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