Friday, January 11, 2013

A Sneaking Suspicion about the "Mental Health" Angle

In the days immediately following Sandy Hook and since, many voices, particularly on the right, emphasized the mental health issues that surround mass shootings.  Getting at the root causes and so forth.  At the time, I thought this was great - as a liberal I'd love to "compromise" by strengthening the mental health system as part of our response.  By all means!

But where have the ideas been on mental health reform?

It's all "we need to have a broader conversation about violence in our culture and the state of our mental health system".  Well fine then!  Let's do it!

Instead of having that conversation, I'm getting the feeling that the rightier folks in the debate think like this: "Well the problem is a culture of violence and a failing mental health system.  But it's not like Congress can outlaw culture, and it's not like we can ever make a foolproof mental health system, nor do we have the money to spend right now so forget that.  So I guess we just sit here quietly and do nothing?"

Political implications aside, I'd just love in general for anyone to show me some ideas of what to do on the mental health side.

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